About - Forge & Foster Investment Management

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Create. partner. Elevate.

Forge & Foster is not your typical investment
management company. We are young, passionate
Hamiltonians who believe in the city and its
potential. Our team consistently strives for
excellent results; we are professional and capable,
yet approachable and relatable.

At Forge & Foster, we feel very proud to be a part of
Hamilton’s journey. We celebrate the city’s heritage
and take inspiration from the early businesses that
established its character and fortitude.
Our team promises to uphold the standards of
excellence set forth by those early trail blazers, and
vows to push forward with creativity and ingenuity.

Cheers, to the future.

The Forge & Foster Team


Our Vision

At Forge & Foster, we strive to help our community grow by making strategic investments with like-minded partners. Unlike many investment management companies, we strive to remain involved in our investments from concept to evolution. Our goal is to create an innovative approach to business and investments; find the right partners to actively grow the investment, and work hand in hand with them to elevate the investment to the highest standards.

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