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Our Newest Video Series has launched!

This is video one of our newest series all about Registered Investments. Tune in every Wednesday to learn about types of investments and how to achieve that ever sought after balanced portfolio! 

Learn about the different types of Registered Investments- LIRA, TFSA, RESP and RRSP’s and how to best utilize them. 

So you contributed to an RRSP, LIRA, RESP or a TFSA but what to do with your funds now? Week 3’s video has arrived and this week we are talking about types of investment instruments.

This week we are discussing mortgage investments and their benefits in Canada. We are joined by Wenzel Hoberg, Forge & Foster Partner & Advisory Board Chair, to provide insight into this topic. 

To recap, we’ve discussed what registered investments are available to you, their benefits, how to use them to their full potential and this week we are talking about diversification and how to achieve that balanced portfolio that will perform well year over year.