The Cordage Heritage District

111 Sherwood Dr., Brantford

Project Overview

The Cordage Heritage District has an impressive history in the City of Brantford. It was home to one of Brantford’s major historical industrial operations, the Brantford Cordage, from 1901 to 1968. The Cordage was the largest cordage and twine manufacturer in Canada with as many as 900 workers on-site and trains arriving to export their products.

The site is one of the city’s few remaining early 20th century industrial buildings and represents the City’s proud industrial heritage. To rejuvenate this historic property, heavy industrial uses were replaced by a wide range of mixed light industrial and commercial uses . A rope and twine making operation is still present on the property and has been a tenant for over 60 years.

Moving forward, significant investment is being made into strategic capital expenditures, unit renovations, and improved branding to support existing artisans and to continue to fuel the growth of the thriving community. Space for lease is available now.

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2022 Renovations

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