Tenant Spotlight: Hamilton Film Studios

According to Hamilton Economic Development, Hamilton has 9,140 film workers and 901 film businesses, making it the 3rd largest cluster of film businesses in Canada. Hamilton Film Studios (HFS) is more than a part of this industry – they’re essential in keeping the whole system flowing. Partners Zach Zohr, Ken Woychesko, and Graham Purdy define the company as a team of experienced film and television producers whose goal is to support creatives working in Hamilton and to improve its creative industries. Their onsite shop means that the many productions happening in Hamilton have a handy resource for products from top of the line camera bags to gaffer tape. Prior to HFS launching, local productions had to go through the hassle of renting gear from Toronto, or buying, storing, and maintaining their own. Now, gear and location support materials like signs and traffic cones, and tents and heaters, are handily available for rental locally, and at a fair price. Their 5,000 sq ft studio at 400 Wellington Street North is always booked fully booked months in advance, and their space at 64 Hatt Street in Dundas is the dynamic backdrop for a variety of shoots. This comprehensive set of offerings mean HFS is the natural first call for any production happening in Hamilton.

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Ben Ames

Investor Spotlight: Ben Ames

Corl is a fascinating business. The company provides a highly efficient process for startups and expanding businesses to access growth capital, using machine learning to analyze organizations and expedite the funding process. The initial success and demand for Corl’s platform means that business developer and co-founder Ben Ames is extremely busy. This is one of the main reasons that the has been an investor with Forge & Foster for several years – investment opportunities with Forge & Foster offer excellent returns across multiple bottom lines, while requiring no active engagement from investors.

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