Skygauge Robotics drone

Innovative Drone Startup Lands In Hamilton

A company that specializes in developing drones for performing industrial inspections with greater safety is coming to the former Spectator Building that is now part of the McMaster Innovation Park.

Skygauge Robotics is a Hamilton-based drone startup developing drones for industrial work applications. Skygauge was co-founded in 2016 by CEO Nikita Iliushkin, Chief Designer and inventor Linar Ismagilov, and CTO Maksym Korol. The company’s vision is to create a workforce in the sky. READ MORE >>

McMaster Innovation Park

McMaster Innovation Park execs pitch residential towers to city in hopes of avoiding ‘dead zone’

  April 21, 2022

Executives with McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) are making a pitch to construct three residential towers on its research campus as part of its growth plan over the next decade.

A delegation suggested to city councillors at Wednesday’s general issues committee the structures would potentially bring life to what MIP’s vice-president of development characterizes as a “dead zone” after business hours.

“There’s no one here,” Frances Grabowski said.

“We can’t bring in the amenities that require the density for the evening for dinner, more than just for lunch. That’s that’s what we’re trying to do. The innovation park is very different and that’s what we’re trying to build here.” READ MORE >>