Canadian CRE transaction value

Canadian CRE transaction value hit $23.8B in Q1

Commercial real estate investment in Canada is experiencing a major resurgence in confidence, with an Altus Group report chronicling $23.8 billion in Q1 transaction activity.

The real estate analytics and research company said that figure, transacted across all major asset classes in Canada during Q1 2022, is a 52% hike from Q1 2021. Deal volume was up across all major asset classes with the exception of hotel transactions.

Just over 3,250 transactions were completed in the first quarter of 2022, a 25% increase compared with the same period of 2021.


Plage Saint-Pierre Beach & Campground

Now you can invest in oceanfront real estate with as little as $1,000

Co-own a Nova Scotia beach destination through FrontFundr with Forge & Foster

Soaring real estate prices have locked many Canadians out of the market — and the wealth gains that come with ownership.

“For too long, real estate has been behind closed doors and not accessible to everyone,” says Joe Accardi, Partner & CEO of Forge & Foster. “We want to bring real estate to all Canadians, and FrontFundr is something that we’re really excited about.”



FrontFundr is Canada’s leading online private markets investing platform and an exempt market dealer. 

Founded in Vancouver in 2013, the startup’s mission is to democratize the private sector investment model by offering companies an alternative to venture and private equity investing.

FrontFundr provides investors with the opportunity to invest in startups and growth companies. Their online platform allows all Canadians — from professionals to first-time investors —to support the ideas and initiatives they want to see succeed. 



The company has built up a community of over 34,000 users, run over 100 successful funding campaigns, and helped businesses raise more than $120 million so far.

“You might think you can only invest in Wealthsimple and public stocks, but you can also invest in early stage companies from the very beginning.”

“We’re missionaries to spread the word around equity crowdfunding, in general,” says Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, the founder and CEO of Silver Maple Ventures, FrontFundr’s parent company. “Creating awareness has been a huge job for our company in the last five years. You might think you can only invest in Wealthsimple and public stocks, but you can also invest in early stage companies from the very beginning.”



The Plage Saint-Pierre Beach and Campground in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia, sits on 2,500 feet of private beach along one of the province’s warmest bays.

The nearby Cabot Cape Breton Golf Club is a popular destination. Visitors also enjoy hiking, whale watching, berry picking, stargazing, kayaking, cycling, dining on fresh seafood and more.

The popular destination boasts quaint cabins, RV rentals, and sites for tents and RVs. However, there is plenty of opportunity for improvement and expansion.

Situated at the gateway of the world-famous Cape Breton Highlands National Park and just off the Cabot Trail, this real estate investment property is packed with potential. And Forge & Foster is ready to unlock that potential through its unparalleled expertise in real estate management. 

“Never before have people had the opportunity to invest in spectacular real estate like this, starting at just $1,000.”

Joe Accardi, Partner and CEO at Forge & Foster Investment Management, said, “This is a very special opportunity for investors and we’re excited to offer it through our trusted partner, FrontFundr. Never before have people had the opportunity to invest in spectacular real estate like this, starting at just $1,000.”


Here are the main benefits of investing in real estate through FrontFundr:

  • No fees
  • Pride of ownership
  • No need to qualify for a mortgage
  • No down payment required
  • None of the pain of managing a property
  • No closing costs
  • No need to find tenants or maintain the property
  • You’ll get a share of rent and gains on the property when it’s sold
  • You’ll receive ongoing oversight and support
  • Every investment project undergoes a detailed due diligence process

“Join FrontFundr. Take a look at their projects. You can invest in a project that you’re excited about,” says Accardi.

Great platform to invest in early stage enterprise
The investment process was straightforward and well explained.
Jean-Philippe Deblois, Trust Pilot

Great platform that is intuitive and easy to use!
Good access to detailed prospectus and pitch info. The digital signing process is simple and efficient. Private company investing has never been this easy or accessible.
Ken Smith, Trust Pilot

I feel fully confident that I am making sound investment decisions for myself. FrontFundr is an essential platform to democratize investing into early stage companies that have huge potential to add value.
— Leon Lie, Trust Pilot



“Small investments in multiple projects add up over time. That makes it appealing for young people who want to get in the habit of investing.”

“I feel that real estate crowdfunding can be a viable tool for those who want to invest in real estate but are restricted due to a lack of money or credit,” says Mark Ting, CBC’s finance columnist. “Small investments in multiple projects add up over time. That makes it appealing for young people who want to get in the habit of investing.”

“A crowdfunded model comes with transparency and tangibility,” Tina Tehranchian, an Assante Capital Management Ltd. senior wealth adviser told the Globe and Mail. “You can drive by the property and boast to your friends that you have a share of ownership of this property.”


Sign up for FrontFundr now — there’s no fee to join!

Plage Saint-Pierre Beach & Campground is currently raising $595,000. Details of the offering can be found at

Screen shot of FrontFundr website

To book a stay at Plage Saint-Pierre Beach & Campground, visit or contact or (902) 224-2112.


CRE a hot investment sector, senior execs agree at RealCapital

CRE a hot investment sector, senior execs agree at RealCapital


(pictured: Adam Paul, president and CEO of First Capital REIT.)

A record amount of capital is available for commercial real estate investment, senior industry executives agreed during the closing panel at the virtual RealCapital conference on March 2.

The panelists provided insights on recent CRE performance and views on what to expect during the coming year, and the availability of capital was a central theme. READ MORE >>

What is the Best Time to Invest? 4 Factors to Consider

What is the Best Time to Invest?
4 Factors to Consider

New to investing? Maybe you’ve heard of the investing technique of timing the market. In other words, you’re waiting for the right time so you can pay the lowest price on your investment. If you wait to pay the lowest price, you’ll gain the highest amount of appreciation. But is there such a thing as the best time to invest?

Best time to invest in the stock market

When it comes to investing in stocks, there is no such thing as the right time. Even experts don’t know the exact day, time, and year to invest. If you wait to invest or are trading too often, you’re actually losing. Since the stock market has ups and downs, investing in the market is all about the time spent in the market, not choosing the right time.

If you’re in good financial health and have extra cash on hand that’s sitting in the bank, start investing and invest regularly. The longer you’re in the market, the more your investments will grow. If you don’t know what to invest in or aren’t comfortable investing, start investing in a sector funds/ETFs or in the S&P 500 index. Remember not to invest more than you are willing to risk.

Best time to invest in real estate

Why should you invest in real estate when stocks can provide high returns? Real estate offers more stability than the stock market.

When it comes to investing in real estate, timing plays a more important role.

There are 4 time-related factors you need to consider before investing in real estate:

1. Financial health

Similar to stocks, you’ll want to make sure you’re in good financial health before investing. Make sure your debts are in control and you are not taking on more debt to finance a down payment. Additionally, you’ll want to wait to have the cash available to pay for a down payment. Being in good financial health will get your mortgage approved.

2. Buyer vs. sellers market

You’ll want to know the historic market trends of the city or neighbourhood you plan on buying in. In particular, you’ll want to know if it’s a buyer’s or a seller’s market.

In a buyers market, there’s more supply and less demand. This means the buyer has the power to negotiate better deals.

In a seller’s market, there’s more demand and less supply. This means the seller has the power to negotiate deals. To determine a buyer’s or seller’s market, you can look at “days on market” and trends in home sale prices. A low days-on-market rate indicates a seller’s market. A high rate indicates a buyer’s market.

An increase in home sale prices means it is a seller’s market whereas a decrease shows it’s a buyer’s market.

3. Time of year

You’ll generally find lower housing prices in the winter compared to the summer months.

Because of the holidays, there are fewer interested buyers in the winter, giving you an advantage in negotiating the price.

The second best time of the year is the spring, when there is an increase in the number of available properties. If you start early with your mortgage pre-approval,  you have a higher chance of securing a good deal faster.

4. External factors out of your control

Global events like a pandemic or the 2008 global financial crisis can affect real estate.

If you’re looking to buy a rental property, these events might impact your ability to find tenants and their ability to pay rent. Consider the risks of investing in a rental property during these times and purchase rental insurance.

While investing in the stock market can be risky and real estate can be a lot of upkeep, BuyProperly mixes the best of both markets. BuyProperly is a fractional real estate company that allows anyone to invest in real estate with just $500.

This innovative solution is like investing in stocks without the management that goes into real estate ownership. Ready to start investing? Head over to their website to start investing in BuyProperly.

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